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You can also send us an email to and we’ll get in touch shortly, or you can call us on 610-508-4455 to reach immediatly.

V Tax Filing is state-of-the-art outsourcing facility is located in India, the outsourcing hub. The facility design and implementation emphasize our commitment to security, confidentiality and quality processing of client data. All communication is scanned for viruses on our server before being transferred to workstations. The software and hardware environment ensures total security and confidentiality of data. Floppy disk drives, CD Rom drives and printers are not available on any workstation. All USB ports stand disabled.

We perform extensive background checks on all our employees; email is restricted only to clients; staff have no open internet access

Our offshore facility in India includes over 200 Accountants with credentials including Chartered Accountants, MBAs and PG Accounting degrees.

Security Of Your Personal Data

We appreciate that working with a tax preparer remotely requires the confidence that the firm is both reliable and competent. Hundreds of our existing clients can testify to our professionalism, but if you are a potential client, please consider the following:

We are AUTHORIZED BY THE IRS to represent clients in all tax matters before the Agency

WE PROTECT YOUR INFORMATION: Our website is PCI compliant (the same standard used by banks) All communication is encrypted

WE DO NOT SHARE YOUR DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD DETAILS - all payments are handled by independent credit card processors - such as PayPal and Stripe

We NEVER SHARE YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS with any third parties - for any reason

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